Tax withholding - Webinar - 5th June

Tax withholding Discover ADP’s support solution



Tuesday, June 5th from 4pm to 5pm (CET)




Confirmed for January 1, 2019, tax withholding concerns all businesses and employees. What are the challenges and impacts of this reform on your company?

ADP has always wanted to help its clients manage administrative tasks connected to regulatory and legislative changes. Today, tax withholding represents a major compliance issue.

This is why we’re organizing a Webinar, reserved for our clients only.

During this Webinar, you will discover ADP’s action plan to respond to the deployment of the tax withholding project, the support that we offer you as a customer, as well as the answers to all the questions that employees and the HR Leaders may ask in order to adapt to this reform.




    • Françoise Breux, Product Marketing Manager, ADP
    • Charlotte Mouchard, Project Manager, ADP

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